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2012-12-18 22:09:34 by Morgadeshou

Hi guys,

I've been sort of debating this for a while: a few years ago, I posted my first few images here on Newgrounds and the response since then has always been great. Everyone has been kind and honest in their critique, but lately I've been cleaning up some accounts to sort of have a fresh clean slate. I still post on my blog, but I'm sort of wondering if it's time for Morgadeshou to close along with some other old accounts I have.

The comments have always been kind and it's nice to have everything there for me to see and deleting that with pretty much erase everything. At the same time, I've been itching to end this account, mostly because it feels old and in a way I feel bad that I rarely post anything anyway. I don't even post that often on my deviantart account - I'm either really lazy at posting things or I need to get cracking on generating artworks like a machine. I just hate ghost accounts. Blech.

If anyone has any thoughts, including 'snap yourself out of it and leave the damn account alone' or even 'I don't care', let me know. Another option would be to clean out pieces that I'm not particularly happy with. If not, I might delete my art soon. If anyone wants however, they can always pop over to my blog where I tend to post work-in-progresses, ramblings and tears - if you're into that sort of thing.

~ Cheers and happy holidays.


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2012-12-21 11:39:42

Why would you close your account? The Art Portal is one of the few places on the internet where you can get alot of feedback because your submissions aren't washed away by one million newer ones in a matter of seconds (deviantArt). People notice your stuff here.
I recommend you to just delete some pieces you are very unhappy with. :)

Morgadeshou responds:

Thanks for your response! I guess it is pretty drastic - I've always been sort of obsessed with the idea of 'fresh starts' but I agree, there is the obvious benefits to Newgrounds compared to DeviantArt in terms of feedback. I'll consider it more. :)


2013-04-02 16:43:00

Wow, with Sandy knocking me out for over a week, and my Pop dying the week you made this post....
"Snap yourself out of it and leave the damn account alone", would be my choice, since I found all your work to be a merit in some way, shape or form. Pity I can't comment using the Disqus system thingy... but I will say your work has produced a palpable response here, and would suck greatly if you just gave up.
The fan thing they installed last year keeps us informed, so take your time, post what you will. Your fans won't abandon you!